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​​   Please remember that                                   is a Field Paint Only facility.

We do not allow outside paintballs to be brought in.

This is for your safety and the safety of our staff.

Thank you!

​CALL 918-279-0181


What's low-impact paintball 

    Low-impact paintball is the same paintball games we have always play, with one big exception, the size of the paint. Low-impact paintballs are half the size of standard paintballs. With a smaller ball it travels slower then a standard paintball, and has less weight to impact the player. These two factors dramatically lowers the hit each player feels, and will leave a small red maker, not the large bruise the standards leave. With this in mind we are able to play all ages together.

​    We are able to put little guys and gals (8-13 year olds) in with are big kids (dads and moms) oh yeah our teen age too.

    The impact of this paintball is low enough that are little guys and gals are not scared by big people playing against them. Quite the contrary, the little kids have the advantage because of their size, making them much harder to find. Parents on the other hand, are much bigger and usually don't want to shoot their kids. Where as the little kids can use that to their advantage, and they do, oh do they!   

     Low-impact paintball has leveled the playing field for paintballers of all ages.  Giving us the ability to all playing together for the first time. 

     If you want all the fun paintball has always offered, with a lot less pain then take advantage now, andbook your play time today!

26324 East 121st. Street South

​Coweta Ok. 74429