Wasteland is are newest and  biggest playing field. It is over 300 feet long, so long in fact a paintball can not reach the other side from your start point. It has plenty for places to hide, climb on, and hold out to the end with your friends.This field will be the only field in Tulsa that will allow the infamous First Strike paints ball to be shot. If you are a mag fed player then this field is just want you have been waiting for.

The infamous D-day


 Castle  Murray 

Get your paintball party started in our multi-level fort, a very fun attack-and-defend scenario field. Attackers have countless spools, fence panels, tires, and other misc. bunkers to use to get up the field. Defenders must stay within the fort and fight off all incoming players. This is currently our most popular field, for players looking to rent or if you have your own paintball gear.  We are constantly making changes, so you can have a new experience every time you play! 

D-Day , One of our nations most well know battles. It has gone down in the history books as one of the battles that changed the tides of WW2. Ultimate Paintball Park has built a playing field to pay homage to this great batt​​le.

              Do you have want it takes to storm the beach,battle your way thought an onslaught of paintballs whizzing past your head. Make it over the sanded mounds, work your way though tank busters (hedgehogs) and barded wire. Just to find yourself looking out into an open field, wondering how I'm I going to make it to victory.

Well Now is your chance.

Fort Wanna Hock Aloogie  

Made entirely out of wooden bunkers with different angles to play at. At the center of the field is a large fort-like bunker known as the "Fort Wanna Hock Aloogie" . This is a very fun field to learn the basics of paintball. **Changes to this field are in the process. Great for are first time paintball party-goers.

26324 East 121st. Street South

​Coweta Ok. 74429

Coming soon

Coming soon

Air bunker field

​Are you an experienced player? Or are you up for the challenge of a faster placed play style?  If so, bring your paintball markers or grab one of our rentals. We're sure you will enjoy this fast paced game we lovingly call speed ball. Where players start at either ends of field, on Go! players will be

 running and diving to get to  pre-made air bunkers where they do their best to eliminate their friends. Be sure to challenge your party.

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​​   Please remember that                                   is a Field Paint Only facility.

We do not allow outside paintballs to be brought in.

This is for your safety and the safety of our staff.

Thank you!