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How many paintballs will we shoot?

A player will go thought an average a 100 rounds of paintballs in about a half hour or less. Groups with 10 or more typically shoot about 200-500 rounds per person in a given 2 hour peiod of time.                 

What is paintball?

Paintball is a fun game of tag using air powered guns to shoot gelatin balls full of paint at one another. Now that's the text book description. Paintball is a super fun version of what you always played as a kid, army man. You get to run around shooting your friends with a paintball gun, and it's all for fun. 

Do we bring our own equipment?

You can, but we also supply guns, masks, and air tanks, protective vest and gloves.  If you do bring your own equipment we ask that you DO NOT bring any paintballs of any kind. We are a field paint only facility. 

What should I wear to play paintball?

Grab an old hoodie, some grass stained jeans, and some beat up tennis shoes. We always recommend long sleeves to our customers; for protection and because you will find yourself crawling and diving all over the place! Feel free to wear a camo jacket and some combat boots if you really want to get into the spirit.

​​   Please remember that                                   is a Field Paint Only facility.

We do not allow outside paintballs to be brought in.

This is for your safety and the safety of our staff.

Thank you!

Does the paint wash out of clothes?

Yes. Paintballs are actually not paint at all, they are a clever mixture of detergent, fish oil, and coloring. Paintballs are made to wash out of clothing, so even if you accidentally wear a nice piece of clothing, no worries, it'll come right out. 

Does paintball hurt?

Yes, paintballs do hurt, but it's a very short lived hurt. This pain can easily be avoided by wearing the proper protective clothing while playing paintball.  

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