26324 East 121st. Street South

​Coweta Ok. 74429


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​​   Please remember that                                   is a Field Paint Only facility.

We do not allow outside paintballs to be brought in.

This is for your safety and the safety of our staff.

Thank you!

Open Play Hours:


Saturday -11am to 5 pm


Sunday - 11 pm to 5 pm 




To schedule a birthday party, or to just come out and play. We now have for your convenience online booking. Just go to our book online link. Filling it out is fast, easy.

Or call us at


Anytime between11:00 am - 6:00 pm 

if you need more assistance

Thank you


    Top three reasons why to choose Ultimate Paintball Park

1.   We have the best staff, they are there to assist you with your needs. More  importantly, they are there to help you have fun! And they do a fantastic job, check out our views on Facebook  www.facebook.com/ultimatePBpark

2.   We have Anti fog lenses for are goggles, no more running around trying to see though fogged-over lenses and can't hit a thing.

3.   We shoot 3 star paintballs! What does that mean for you? Well, great paint shoots straight, it breaks when it hits the player, and has far fewer bounces(bounces hurt way more then hits). 

Paintball rating   

 Recball,  Made mostly for playing in heavily wooded area - very thick shell.

 Field grade, This is where most fields land, it is cheap for field owners to buy, not very round, but does the job.

 1 star, A better paintball then field grade - the shell is more round and a bit thinner, shoots straighter.

 2 star, A nice paintball, it's round, some imperfections, and shoots well.

 3 star,  This is where the paintballs start getting good.The paintball is round, has a thin shell and shoots prettystraight. This ball is used for local tournaments 

 4 star, Here's where paintball are really good, it's used for  amateur leagues. need high end 

 markers to shoot it because the shell is very brittle.

 5 star, These paintballs are used at the highest level, pro players. They are very brittle and have a very short shelf life. They break on everything.


Ultimate Paintball Park opened its fields early in July of 2013. Since then we have grown significantly with new additions such as our fort, " Wanna hock a loogie", our our castle, "Murray's castle". Fully enclosed bathrooms, and our shaded picnic tables.

      Now in Sept. of 2015 the park has a new owner.He has been playing paintball for over 15 years. He brings a whole new level of excitement to the park. 

      Construction on "Phase 2" has begun, it will be featuring some new and exciting fields to play on. Such as Battle creek that will feature second floor shooting and plenty of places to hide. Have you ever wanted to storm the beach? Well, get ready do just that, with a new and exciting field we call the Infamous D-Day. We will be adding more covered seating areas, and a party space